KS Celebrates 5 Years in Ohio

We are excited to have hit the five year milestone in Ohio.  In the summer of 2012, KS Energy Services expanded its footprint and started operations in the Cincinnati, OH area, with the purchase of the Utility Construction Division of Brewer Company.

Brewer Company, founded in 1933, continues to provide high quality coating and sealing products to its customers. The Utility Division was started in 1980 to provide services to The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company (now Duke Energy) and was acquired by KS and PowerTeam Services in June of 2012.

In 2015, KS expanded north with the award of a contract for Columbia Gas of Ohio in the Columbus area. Work with our client, Duke Energy continues to grow and expand. In 2016, Duke Energy started a pilot program to replace services (ASRP) and we continue to hold that contract today. Last spring, KS moved and into an expanded new facility in order to better support the growth and our clients. We now employ over 150 Ohio team members throughout the state.