Project Description

This spring KS was awarded a large conduit and manhole project by our customer AT&T located in Wauwatosa, WI. The work began the last week in April and continues on schedule.

A key part of the project was an extensive bore which stretched 1,290 feet with a final ream pass of 30 inches.  Several factors complicated the bore including the work site location and existing structures. The job site was in a highly trafficked area requiring all work to be performed at night. In addition, all equipment and materials were moved daily to open the lane to traffic during the day.

With the help of DCI and a special transmitter, the drill crew was able to locate the drill head successfully under a heavily reinforced concrete roadway.

First, our crew drilled the pilot out and reamed to a 12” hole.  Then, the crew went over it again, making larger ream passes.  After the first ream pass the team developed a mud program that would work for the ground conditions they were in.

In the end, the crossing came together with everyone’s hard work and determination and AT&T is pleased with the work we have done to date.