``Empowered`` to deliver safety

Delivering safety to our clients and our team members is our first priority. In order to make this a reality, we invest in training, field audits, inspections, and coaching as part of developing and sustaining our strong safety culture.

Our safety culture flows from our executive team throughout our entire organization. It is reinforced through conference calls, ad hoc meetings, coaching sessions, daily Take 5s, and our Make It Safe practice. Before setting foot on a job, all team members receive their own Make It Safe card to carry with them on the job to remind them of their responsibility to make work safe.


“There’s nothing more important to us, as owners and leaders of KS Energy Services, than making sure you return home safe and healthy to your family each night. As a valued family member of KS, you not only have the right, but the responsibility and the authority, to ensure safe work on the job. You may stop work without fear of retaliation when you believe a situation places you, a teammate, or the public in danger. Help us to build upon our tradition of a rich safety culture and speak up.”

Dennis Klumb, Jr., Rick Klumb, Mike Ahearn, & Josh Retzleff


From their first day in the field, all team members are empowered to ask questions and stop work if necessary to make our work safe.

Delivering Quality

Knowing that the infrastructure we build must deliver for decades after we finish our work, we build with accuracy and quality. Our quality starts with our people and their training. We are compliant with the US Department of Transportation Operator Qualification Rules and Regulations.  We are members of Midwest Energy Association (MEA), Veriforce, ISNetworld, NCMS, Browz and Avetta to ensure all personnel are qualified and records are maintained.

As a valued employee, you not only have the right, but the responsibility and authority to ensure safe work on the job.  STOP WORK immediately, without fear of reprisal, when convinced that a solution places you, coworkers, the public or the environment in danger.

STOP WORK is defined as stopping any specific task or activity that poses a danger to personnel or property.