Empowered to Delivery Safety

Safety is a core value at KS Energy. We act safely in our operations because our team members, communities, and customers matter to us. We are committed to everyone returning home safely, every day, while providing safe and reliable energy to our nation.

Our team members learn about safety on day one during extensive training and onboarding, and it is a way of life every day after that. To stay current on safety measures, our teams hold daily JSAs, receive weekly Toolbox Talks, and participate in bi-weekly safety meetings with leaders.

We empower our team members to ask questions and stop work if necessary to keep our people and the public safe. On every job site, we invest in field audits and inspections to ensure our work is completed in the safest way possible. Before every job, team members receive their own Make It Safe card to remind them of their unwavering commitment to safety.

Through different platforms that reach our employees where they are, we are actively sharing high-level learnings, good catches, and near miss stories — all to help our employees learn and engage with safety protocols and guidance. We recognize good safety behavior through our Good Catch and Near Miss programs, and when there is an incident, we openly talk about it and share best practices to prevent it from happening again.

Committing to Quality

We act with a safety mindset and commitment to quality to be the most reputable partner in the industry. Our impact is showcased in the innovative work we do, our customers’ satisfaction, and the difference we make in the communities we serve.

Quality is a core value for our team, and our commitment to delivering quality for our customers starts with ensuring our team members receive the best possible training. We want our crews to deliver quality projects whole adhering to procedural and regulatory requirements.

To stay current with operator qualifications and the latest techniques, we ensure all our team members are compliant with the U.S. Department of Transportation operator qualification rules and regulations. We are also proud members of the Midwest Energy Association (MEA), Veriforce, ISNetworld, NCMS, Browz, and Avetta.