Sewer Camera Laborer

Full-time   •  Eau Claire, Wisconsin


This field worker is responsible for using a remote camera to inspect and record video of sewer pipes underground.

This opportunity is a great entry into the growing field of sewer camera inspections. This industry is less than 10 years old and uses remote camera equipment to inspect underground pipes.

As part of installing new or upgrading current gas line infrastructure, companies inspect the surrounding sewer pipes to ensure that gas lines do not intersect the sewer system. Any intersection is a significant safety hazard for the public and the primary function of this individual is to document and ensure safe underground construction practices.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work as part of a two-person team to direct remote controlled sewer cameras to inspect sewers.
  • Document inspection details including date of inspection, sewer depth, and digital video recording.
  • Maintain and repair remote camera and video-recording equipment as needed.


  1. Exceptional work ethic and attention to detail.
  2. Adaptable to new environments and technology.
  3. Willing to travel.
  4. Valid Driver’s License.

Work conditions and Environment

  1. Work performed in the field at various job sites in all weather conditions.
  2. This is a union position with equivalent union wages and benefits.

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